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Where to drop a Betabox?

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Bringing a Betabox to school is exciting! We’re looking forward to being able to work with you. To ensure the event is as successful as possible it is key to select a drop-off location that accomplishes your goals for the event and is safe.

This article will provide you some guidance on how best to select a drop-off location.

Where is a Betabox dropped?

Typically, Betaboxes are dropped off in parking lots nearby an entryway. However, we can also park Betaboxes on fire-grade concrete, brick, and other surfaces.

Areas to avoid:

  • Fire lanes. If you must drop a box in a fire lane, you will need to have the location approved by a fire marshal.
  • Steep gradients. Unlevel areas will require our driver to use extra blocks to level the facility.
  • Grass. While we do in very rare occasions drop boxes in grass due to lack of available alternatives, dropping a box in grass is not recommended. Gross drop locations are highly susceptible to event postponement due to weather, as our drivers will not be able to drop a box on grass in muddy conditions.
  • Gravel.

Sending Betabox Drop-off Images

  • Once you have selected a potential location to drop location, visit Google Maps and enter the address of to your school.
  • Click on the satellite view in the bottom left corner.
  • Take a screenshot of your school grounds. (Windows | Mac | Chromebook)
  • [More advanced] Open the screenshot on your computer in your photo editor of choice. Mark up the screenshot to provide us a top-down view of your preferred drop off location.
  • If you don’t have a photo editor of choice, try Canva!
    1. Upload your screenshot image to Canva
    2. Download this Betabox Gamepiece, and also upload it to Canva
    3. Drag the gamepiece onto your dropoff image, and size it to about 22ft long. You can use the width of 3-4 parking spaces as a scale guide
    4. Download the finished product. It should look something like this:

  • Email this dropoff image to your Betabox contact. They will be in touch with the next steps.

Approval Process

Once we’ve received your satellite images, we will review your location and then move to either confirm it, or reach out to you with additional questions.

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