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Submitting a Quest to Betabox Studio

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This article provides an overview of the process for recording & submitting Quest content to Betabox Studio. Please note that this article is being actively improved by the team.

What are Quests?

Betabox Quests are free online learning courses designed for students of all ages. The Quests that are currently available can be viewed here. Quests are different from mere tutorials because they have a goal/intention. You’ll be moving towards a goal in the Quest while building skills along the way. For example, the title of the Quest might be “Designing your dream home in Solidworks” not “Learn how to use Solidworks.”

Quest Requirements

  • The entire quest should be able to be watched in about 45mins – 1hr
  • Assume no prior knowledge about the topic at hand.
  • Keep in mind that this content needs to be ‘Rated G’ and kid friendly.
  • The Quest should include voiceover of your screen, where in you explain your steps to the viewer.

Quest Examples

To get an idea of what a Quest is, register for a student at myBetabox and enroll in the Tinkercad Quest.

Who should make a Quest?

Betabox is looking for experts in their fields with unique personalities, ability to explain, and/or fascinating origin stories of their career interest.

Ideation & Planning

First, come up with an idea for your Quest. Run it by the Betabox team to have it greenlit.

Create an outline of what you’d like to include in your Quest. Draft a list of 15-30 skills that you’d like to talk about within your Quest.


Once you’ve planned, it is time to recording your Quest content. This section outlines some best practices for doing so. Betabox will ultimately break up your video clips into 2-3min chunks, but if you like you can send us longer length recordings of your Quest and we can break your video up into smaller sections during editing. If you do this, do include in your voice over natural cut points by saying things like: “In the next video, we will keep doing X.”


Use the built in Quicktime software to record your screen.


  • Do be sure to use a web browser that does not make visible any personal information. We suggest creating a Guest user in Chrome to do this.
  • You can optionally use screen recording software that includes an option to show a small thumbnail of your webcam view in the bottom left corner. If you choose to do this ensure that your background is a single-color wall devoid of logos or other art.



Submission to Betabox Studio

Once you’ve recorded your video content for your Quest, upload it to a google drive or dropbox folder and share with, or the person you are working with at Betabox.

We will edit your raw video for time, and will master the voiceover to remove background noise. We may also add sounds effect or graphics.

Approval & Changes

Once the editing is complete, Betabox will send a link to the draft Quest for approval.


Once approved, your Quest will be available for students to view.

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